Full view of Renal Tumor Grading dashboard

Renal Tumor Grading Diagnostic Dashboard

Segment thousands of nuclei from complex imagery using CytoSavvy’s patented Shape-Based Modeling Segmentation (SBMS) technology. System provides Fuhrman nuclear grades and conforms to requirements outlined in the AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology.

Dashboard Features

100% browser-based solution

Compatible with all major imaging platforms

System generated recommendation for final review and approval

Requires no capital equipment

Patented auto-calibration feature saves time

Standard and custom reports for billing, printing, and electronic filing

Dashboard Components

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard details panel

Item Details Panel

Catalogue of each area of interest graded by the system. Clicking on any area of interest displays items details in the item gallery and zooms to that area of interest on the native image.

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard interactive bar chart panel

Interactive Charts Panel

Point and click interactive charts organizes nuclei by size for viewing in original image or in isolated gallery panel.

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard results panel

Results Panel

One click approval with options for standard and custom reports for billing and internal reporting.

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard gallery panel

Gallery Panel

Gallery Panel tied to interactive charts allows examination of prioritized list of nuclei by size shape and content.

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard gallery in edit mode with the grading tab selected

Gallery Panel

Displays item detail, including nuclear size and proprietary ranking based on the presence of nucleoli and chromatin.

Analysis Specifications

File Formats

TIFF, PNG, BMP, SVS, others as required


Minimum 8-bits dynamic range per color plane

Data Output

SQLite searchable relational database

Data Capture

Gradient analysis, Bézier curves, and Ellipse Fit (Moore-Penrose Inverse)