Web-based platform for automated whole slide image segmentation

Pathologists, clinical trials, and drug discovery projects can improve workflow efficiency by up to 80% by using our multiple threshold, multiple resolution (MTMR) dashboards.


Upload your images to our servers and let us handle the time consuming part.


Our algorithms examine your images, surfacing data required in your analysis.


We display data in interactive dashboards, allowing for an efficient workflow.

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Are You Spending Too Much Time Manually Analyzing Images?

Is your current process tedious, time-consuming, and one-hundred percent manual?

Close-up view of Prostate Gleason Scoring Dashboard

CytoSavvy's Novel Dashboards Can Help


Digital imagery can be readily assembled as a by-product of the current methodology.


CytoSavvy can produce clinically relevant data not available using other automated techniques.


Automation can decrease cycle time, and ultimately, improve outcomes.

Simple Cloud-Based Slide Analysis

CytoSavvy’s patented diagnostic dashboards are intuitive, easy–to-use and HIPAA compliant. Our patented Shape-Based Modeling Segmentation (SBMS) algorithms combine shape and color analysis capabilities to increase reliability, save time, and improve decisions. Specifications and capabilities for our web-based delivery system follow.


Patented auto-calibration feature saves time

Searchable database with complete auditability and transparency

Standard and custom reports for billing, printing, and electronic filing

System generated recommendation for final review and approval

Powerful editing capabilities


Compatible with all major imaging platforms

Flexible subscription model: buy what you need – when you need it

Browser-based solution is simple, intuitive, and easy to use

Requires no capital equipment

How Can You Improve Your Work Efficiency By 80% ?

By using CytoSavvy’s Multiple Threshold, Multiple Resolution (MTMR) dashboards.

Close-up view of Renal Tumor Grading Dashboard

No Workflow Changes

Works with all major microscope vendors

Easy To Use

Browser-based interactive graphics

Improves Outcomes

Makes pro-forma decision for final approval